A 2nd Swing Fitting is offered for free with a purchase of used equipment with recommendations from one of our fitters. The customer works one-on-one with one of our certified fitters to, with the help of advanced launch monitor technologies, identify tendencies in his or her golf swing and find clubs that will optimize the swing’s performance. Click here for more on our fitting process.

2nd Swing Fitting Loft

2nd Swing Fitting Numbers

The 2nd Swing Fitting includes the following:

  • Analysis of current equipment, including loft structure, shaft comparison, and performance
  • Evaluation of ball flight and trajectory
  • Distance gapping analysis
  • Recommendations for new equipment:
    • Shaft(s): flex, length, weight
    • Clubhead: model, loft, lie, hosel adjustments (if applicable), weighting adjustments (if applicable)
    • Grip: style, size
  • Printed handout of data collection during fitting session

2nd Swing Fitting Pricing:

Free with Purchase or $100-$150 per hour

  • Full Bag Fittings: 2 hours (Free w/Purchase or $150)
  • Other Fittings: 1 hour (Free w/Purchase or $100)

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2nd Swing Fitting Shafts

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