Our Process

Trying to sift through all 60,000 of 2nd Swing’s available clubs can seem like a daunting task. If you know exactly what you need, choosing the right club can be done. But rarely do golfers know both the golf clubs and the specifications that are best suited to their golf swing.

That’s where 2nd Swing’s experienced group of club fitters comes in. Customers can choose from two different types of fittings — 2nd Swing Fitting or Tour Van — based on the level of depth and information they’re looking for.

In each type of fitting, our club fitters begin by asking the golfer a series of questions to build a solid foundation for the fitting. During this step, our fitters are primarily looking to identify the customer’s static measurements, desired price range, skill level, tendencies, and traits the customer is looking for in his or her new equipment.

Next, the club fitters will have the customer hit several shots with his or her current equipment to identify common tendencies and numerical data such as spin rate, carry distance, total distance, ball speed, and more, depending on the level of fitting the customer has chosen. Customers who choose a Tour Van fitting will receive more data such as impact location, angle of attack, swing path, and more. The fitters will also ask the customer for feedback in terms of the appearance and feel of his or her current clubs. From here, our fitters will have the background knowledge to recommend some clubhead and shaft combinations they think will improve results and inspire confidence.

The golfer will then hit shots with the models recommended by a fitter and make comparisons to their current equipment. If the customer has a specific brand or model in mind, he or she is also welcome to try it and see how it compares.

Lastly, the customer, with the help of an award-winning club fitter, is able to identify the club(s) that performs best for his or her swing. After the fitting, our fitters frequently continue to contact their customers to make sure the new clubs are producing positive results on the course. Golfers who choose a Tour Van fitting are given the opportunity to schedule a free follow-up fitting, with or without a club purchase, to validate results and make any necessary changes.