Our Philosophy is Simple: Be the Best

At 2nd Swing, our mission is to provide the most precise custom fitting experience by offering the best selection of equipment and the most advanced technologies combined with a team of professional, experienced club-fitters. We believe that the feel and confidence you have in your clubs matters; that is why we offer the widest selection of head and shaft combinations so you can feel the performance first hand. Our advanced technologies, including Trackman – precision swing and ball flights analysis measured via radar technology, provides us with the most accurate information to evaluate the performance of each club you swing. With the feel of the club in your hands, and precise data measured with each swing, our certified fitters are at your side to interpret the data, analyze your tendencies with each club, and to ask specific questions to unlock top performance with every club in your bag. Our award winning fitting process is proven to ensure that you get the proper clubs to fit your game.