Stretching/Warming Up: Is Running Good Golf Training?

Is Running Good Golf Training?

The thought of running to increase golf performance is a controversial topic. While running leads to aches and pains after a run, many feel it potentially leads to significant injuries later in life. Scientific studies are available to support and negate the benefits of running.

running for golf training

Many professional players have utilized running in their training program.  In fact, Justin Leonard trained and finished a marathon in Dallas, Texas. Nick Faldo used jogging to stay in shape, and Tiger Woods routinely starts his day with a 3 -mile speed run or 7-mile endurance run.

The following golf fitness tips show the potential benefits of how running can improve your golf game:


The average golf course is approximately 5 miles in length. The majority of recreational players use a cart when they play golf.   Many competitive players are required to walk when they participate in a tournament. A player participating in a 4 day tournament must navigate 20 miles of terrain in addition to any hills and difficult weather conditions. While playing a round of golf does not require the same amount of endurance as a marathon, it golf does require mental and physical endurance to play at a high level. 

Endurance allows you to finish a round mentally sharp while still hitting solid golf shots. A running routine will help you finish mentally and physically stronger. For example, develop a training program where you run 3 miles four times a week. It should only take around 25 minutes and you will be amazed how fresh you feel at the conclusion of your round.

Mental Edge

Bear Bryant, Alabama’s legendary football coach, once said, “I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.”

Every athlete tries to develop a mental edge in an attempt to reach their peak performance. Running, or any other training program, can help a player feel invincible. A difficult training program might help a player build confidence and rely on that experience in a pressure situation. Suddenly a 5-foot putt might not seem so difficult when they pushed past barriers in training. A difficult training program will build mental toughness. 

In addition to the physical benefits, research indicates runner’s euphoria is a psychological benefit created from running. While the time and intensity required to reach a running high varies between individuals, it relieves stress and creates a happier and more relaxed individual.

Physical Fitness

Running is one of the most efficient exercises to lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet, you should definitely notice a leaner appearance and improved feel. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises for your heart and lungs. Research indicates the health benefits of running are tremendous, which include boosting your immune system and decreasing the risk of heart attack. 

Fitness sets the ceiling in golf. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think a player in better physical condition has more potential for improvement. Better conditioned players are less susceptible to injury and physically able to implement improvements to their golf swing. 

Final Thoughts

The majority of today’s golf professionals believe physical fitness an essential part of their golf preparation. While it is an individual preference whether a player chooses running as a method to improve their game, players should at least utilize some form of training program.

Some individuals may feel there are other golf fitness tips and better strength and flexibility programs for their specific health needs. However, running will help you become a better golfer. How can improving your overall health not be beneficial for your everyday life, let alone your golf game?


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