Putting: Green Games

Putting: Green Games

Putting: Green Games

Putting: Green Games

“Make’s Game” and “Tornado”: Fun ways to improve your putting

Teeing it high and letting it fly is what golfers love but not necessarily what they always need on the practice range. 

Remember, putting accounts for about 40 percent of a golfer’s total strokes per round. So, we all need to focus our time and energy if we want see some those easy strokes disappear. 

We all know that putting practice is not nearly as fun as hitting golf balls on the driving range. Still, when we consider how much putting accounts for one’s score, we all need to find a way to practice our putting more.

Putting is all about attitude and confidence. Competition and a few games will allow you to work hard on your putting while making it way more fun.

Here are a couple of my favorite games to play to make putting practice more enjoyable:

“Make’s Game”

If there is only one game you can play with yourself, it would be the “Make’s Game.”

All you need is one ball and a few holes on the practice green. The objective is to create 18 different putts from 10 to 20 feet long.

Now, the idea is simple, just focus on making the putt — speed control does not matter. We want to ingrain confidence by hitting aggressive putts. 

Visualize these putts as you would while putting in your next round of golf. After you have completed 18 of these putts, make a note of how many putts you made. Compare your notes after a several weeks, and see how much you have improved.


The other great game to play is called “Tornado.”

You need one hole, one golf ball, and seven tees placed around a hole looking like a tornado. Place the first tee three feet from the hole and continue to place each tee one foot farther back than the previous, resembling a tornado, until the last tee totals nine feet.

The tees should surround the hole so all types of breaks are practiced. The objective is to note how many putts it takes to make all the different length putts.

Monitor your progress over a month and have fun. That goes for all these games, er, practices. 


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