Kickpoint (a.k.a. bend point, flex point)

Golf Club Specs: Kickpoint (a.k.a. bend point, flex point)

Kickpoint (a.k.a. bend point, flex point)

In general, it is believed that the higher the kickpoint, the lower the ball flight and vice-versus. It’s where the shaft bends the most during impact with the ball.

Golf Club Specs: Kickpoint (a.k.a. bend point and flex point)

The point on the shaft where the greatest amount of bending occurs during a downswing right before impact the ball is called the kickpoint or bend point.

A shaft that bends near the head has a low kickpoint. A shaft that bends near the grip has a high kickpoint.

There is an inverse relationship between kickpoint and ball flight. A shaft with a high kickpoint will produce a low ball flight, and a shaft with a low kickpoint will produce a high ball flight.

However, today there is some debate about how significant kickpoint is in determining ball flight. As clubs and golf science become more and more advanced, other relatively new factors are being taken into consideration — such as droop and shaft differential.


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