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Customization: Hand Stamping

The Art of Clubsmithing: First up, Custom Hand Stamping

2nd Swing Golf offers premier golf club customization services.

hand stamping

When I look at a golf club that has been customized, I immediately become intrigued. 

Not only does this mean that you enjoy golf enough to collect a set, but that you also take pride in the clubs that help you get goosebumps when that ball really listens to exactly what you are talking about. That feeling once is a cure for even an entire lifetime of bad play.

So if we can achieve that feeling more often through the aid of customization, I say let’s get those teeth clenched and fists pumping as you stare down a flagstick.

From the weighting of the head to the size of a grip, any club can be modified and better suited to perform the feats you require. Any swing can be hindered or improved on by the properties of one’s golf set. Not to say that our human nature can not overcome through trial and understanding our ability to adjust to any steel rod with a chunk of metal on the end.

It is just that with each unique swing, we can find that unique customized club for you. We can set that club to your desired specifications and design it to help you send that ball to its proper destination. And, yes, that comes with priority shipping without an up-charge of a swing modification.

hand stamping

Let’s get to the real heart of why I write to you today. I am currently challenged with the task of detailing the workings of our professional club smith, Robert Reitz.

Reitz has been on staff with 2nd Swing Golf working daily on the art of club customization for many years as a complement to his love for the game. I am lucky enough to spend some time with Reitz watching him work and capturing some images of the processes involved in his modifications as the company’s lead photographer.

I have to say that there was a time before I began my work at 2nd Swing when I said, “I know a lot about golf.”

Through Reitz’s work, he has been continuously letting me know that I had no idea what I was talking about.

Through a series of updates, I will let you all know my findings. From the perspective of watching the customization take place, to the literal calculated benefits that can be received from each unique customization.

Since I felt compelled to tell you a bit about the premise of my mission, I think today I should leave you with a quick article on hand stamping.

Hand stamping is basically driving a steel stamp into the back or face of an iron, wedge or putter.

hand stamping

After you decide on what you would like embedded into your club, you are then ready to get to work. Common stampings would most likely be one’s initials, along with college or team names and symbols of encouragement. From my initials of D.R.B., to a slogan like “Roll Tide,” stamping is something that could possibly help bring the confidence for consistency, or at the very least, deliver a smile.

When hand stamping, you must first secure the club to a solid mount. Reitz uses industrial double-sided tape to fix the wedges to our reinforced workbench. Then, the metal stamp is struck firmly into the club. The striking is where the skill comes in for this particular modification.

With the quality of the stamp and the weight of the hammer aside, if the stamp is struck too hard or too soft, the impression could be faint, or have a halo from the tip of the stamp being driven into the metal. A quick double tap also can end in a hologram effect in the metal.

So a skilled hand with proper force always is recommended. When a club is properly hand stamped, there will be a mushroom effect around the stamp where the metal is pressed up and out of the impression, thus the term. This is a sign that the club has been genuinely hand stamped.

Once we have the stamping firmly impressed into club, we can now look to coloration. Color is added with a paint marker for ease of use, or you could use a tiny brush and a steady hand. Either way, it is best to use paint that is bondable to metal. The excess then is wiped from undesired areas, and the club is ready for play as soon as soon as the paint is dry.

hand stamping

This customization is something that can be done by our club smith. For more information on all forms of customizing clubs, just email Reitz at robert@2ndswing.com and set something up.

This added personalization can help you play proud. And for the good people of the Upper-Midwest, join me in getting back out there this year and enjoying this life we call golf.

Thank you.



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