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Customization: Hand Stamping

The Art of Clubsmithing: First up, Custom Hand Stamping 2nd Swing Golf offers premier golf club customization services. When I look at a golf club that has been customized, I immediately become intrigued.  Not only does this mean that you enjoy golf enough to collect a set, but that you also take pride in the […]

Customization: Shaft Tipping, Cutting and Gripping

The Art of Clubsmithing: Custom Shaft Tipping, Cutting and Gripping  Start with the right fit for you Distribution of force during a golf swing starts from one’s core and flows down through the arms, along the shaft and is delivered at impact between the ball and the clubhead. Now, that sounds simple enough (Right?), but […]

Technology: Golf Ball Fitting

Technology: Golf Ball Fitting  The importance of golf ball fitting for your game and how one of the best — Titleist — does it. Since being on this “fitting kick” for some time now, I have mostly spent time discussing the various components of the golf club. The grip, the weight, loft and lie considerations, […]

PING nFlight Gap Analysis

What is a PING nFLight Gap Analysis? Living in the Midwest during the winter months and being a golfer can be frustrating and annoying. Sure, sure…you have golf domes, simulators — even outdoor ranges where you hit off mats into the wide open. However, we know that it’s not the same. So what is a […]

Golf Terminology: Characteristic of Time (CT)

Measuring a Clubface’s Characteristic Time (CT) or Flexibility and Spring-like Effect And how the precise method replaced Coefficient of Restitution (COR) in overseeing golf clubface manufacturing and performance. In the past, golfers with wooden clubheads would gather around the bar after their round and tell tales of how much more distance they were getting from […]