Minnesota golf Association

MGA Player Program sponsored by
2nd Swing Golf

As an active member of the MGA who plays and competes in MGA events, you have some great tools at your fingertips.  Below is a list of items you are eligible for at 2nd Swing and their premier, award winning fitting experience, The Tour Van.

Free Tour Van Fitting

Experience our 3D fitting technology and get your entire bag dialed in. Our master fitters will make sure every club you have is the perfect fit for your game. Feb. 12 deadline for scheduled fittings for round 1.

(up to $400 value)

Free Loft/Lie Check & Bending

Our team will make sure the loft and lie is perfect on your clubs and if they’re not, we’ll bend them to the correct specifications.

($40/set value)

Free Wedge Stamping

Make it personal. Our experts will make your club truly custom with whatever stampings or paint fill you’d like.

($10 value)

Shaft Upgrades At Our Cost

Stock shaft not the right fit? No worries. Your upgraded shafts are at our cost. Drivers & Fairways only, some other exclusions may apply.

(Drivers & Fairway Woods Only)

Extended Exchange Policy

Our 30-day play guarantee is extended to you for 60 days. That means more time to test out your new clubs and make sure that you love them.

(60 days vs 30 days)

Free Ball Fitting

Our experts will analyze your unique tendencies and recommend the best ball for your game.

($50 value)

MGA Members, Schedule Your Fitting Here

About Your Fitting

  • Arrive early
  • Bring your clubs and/or trade-ins
  • Determine what you want to accomplish at this fitting: Length, Accuracy, Etc.

Please have your most recent MGA email with your GHIN available at the time of your fitting to take advantage of the MGA Player’s Program.
Fittings available through Feb 11 and after June 1.