Golf Club Specs: Bounce


The lower the bounce angles the higher the likelihood a club will dig into the earth, such as a pitching wedge versus a 5-iron (high bounce). It’s an inverted concept.

Golf Club Specs: Bounce

What is Bounce?

The meaning of bounce in golf.

Bounce: The angle that is formed between the leading edge of the golf club and the trailing edge of the sole.

Clubs with high bounce angles tend not to dig into the turf, while clubs with low bounce angles do have a tendency to dig. While bounce angles for irons (1-9) are designed for optimal performance for the average golfer, different bounce angles in wedges are especially beneficial depending on the conditions of the course being played.

Let’s say that you like to use your sand wedge for most shots in the fairway, rough and around the greens. You may want your wedge to have a little less bounce so that you can play a variety of shots from these different areas.


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