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Golf Club Specs: Tapered Shaft Tip

Golf Club Specs: Tapered Shaft Tip This is a configuration where the outside diameter of a shaft through the insertion area decreases. Unfortunately, tapered shafts cannot be shortened as easily as parallel shafts since they and require adjustable attachments to connect shaft, hosel and clubhead after a cut. Otherwise, the resulting bottom outside diameter would […]

Golf Club Specs: Torque

Golf Club Specs: Torque Here’s one for the folks who fiddle with their clubs in the garage, the home-schooled golf engineers. One of the facts about golf shafts that you should understand is that of “torque.” This, however, is a slight misnomer since what the shaft manufacturers are really telling you is the shaft’s  torque […]

Golf Club Specs: Swingweight

Golf Club Specs: Swingweight Club length and its relation to swingweight and then distance or power striking. Many times a golfer will hear that the longer a club’s shaft is the farther he will hit the ball. This makes sense when you consider that the club acts like a lever, and we all know that you can more easily […]